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Oral Hygiene in Allentown, PA

Keeping your teeth strong, your gums in good health, and your smile sparkling requires regular oral hygiene practices. Daily dental care at home is one component of a healthy smile, but you also need to get regular professional dental treatment. For the professional care you need, the experienced dentists at our dental practice can help you maintain optimal dental health.

Does Oral Hygiene Make a Difference in Your Dental Health?

Yes, dental hygiene can provide you with a healthy, strong, and sparkling smile by eliminating the particles and plaque that cling onto your teeth every day. Over time, these can develop into bad breath, tooth decay and gum disease if they are not regularly removed through hygiene habits. But getting professional dental care and taking care of your teeth at home can keep you protected from these dental problems. Call our office to discover how hygiene works to your advantage.

Should You Follow Certain Oral Hygiene Instructions?

Maintaining your dental health only requires a few hygiene habits. Include the following in your dental hygiene routine:

  • Use a soft-bristle brush to brush your teeth in the morning, at bedtime, and after eating
  • Find a toothpaste with added fluoride for greater tooth enamel protection
  • Floss at least once a day, but preferably more to clean between teeth
  • Limit your consumption of high-sugar beverages and very sweet foods
  • Break your smoking habit
  • Stay away from tobacco products
  • Get regular dental cleanings and exams from a dentist, twice a year

You can lower your risk of developing tooth decay, bad breath, and gum disease by adhering to these basic oral hygiene tips.

How Can You Make Sure That You’re Fully Protected from Dental Problems?

There is no doubt about the importance of dental hygiene in maintaining a healthy smile, yet the only way to get advanced protection against bad breath, tooth decay, and gum disease is with twice yearly visits to a dentist for professional oral hygiene in Allentown. In addition to benefiting your teeth and gums, good dental health can also protect you from developing many chronic medical conditions. To help ensure that your smile and body stay in the best of health, please call our practice for a professional dental appointment today.

How Do I Develop Good Oral Hygiene Habits with My Child?

Giving your child a proper dental hygiene routine can serve as the basis for their dental health throughout life. When your child is very young, take your child to a dentist before they are one for a full dental exam. This will allow you to detect any possible problems in their dental development. Then, proceed with these visits every six month as your child matures. We have discovered some helpful hints for improving your child’s dental experience if they resist brushing and flossing or get anxious about the dentist.

  • Let your child choose their favorite color toothbrush
  • Reward pleasant dentist appointments with a brand new toy

For more ideas on making dental hygiene more enjoyable for your child, call our office today.

What Dental Hygiene Habits Do You Need to Practice?

Adhering to a proper oral hygiene regimen on a daily basis is just as essential as seeing the dentist twice a year because you need to maintain the health of your smile between dental appointments. Your daily routine needs to begin with thorough brushing in the morning, and then continue after eating and before you go to bed. Only use a fluoridated toothpaste and soft-bristle toothbrush for maximum tooth enamel protection. And finally, floss at least one time every day. We would be happy to give you more details on an at-home hygiene regimen, just call our office and ask.

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My hygentist is the best
The best dental care I've ever received.
Robert G.
:) great job
Angela H.
Everyone is very nice and , and they explain procedures, why they are needed and what the outcome will be.
Christina P.
Staff was very friendly and they were able to save me time by fitting me in for a cleaning in addition to my x-rays on the same day. Dr. Minetola […]
Ronald H.
Friendly staff. No waiting.
Very happy on how good I was treated and honesty on the doctors part
Juan M.
Dr Minetola was excellent and knowledge...will refer him to friends
Raymond W.
From the time that I arrived to the time that I left the office everyone I encountered was very courteous, concerned & friendly. I liked Dr. Minetola […]
Patricia B.
Amazing staff, awesome service, would recommend to anyone
Steven M.
The office staff is always pleasant and helpful.
Deborah C.
Everything I went there for turned out fine.
Janet K.
I had some complicated dental work done, and was able to relax the whole time, because I have complete trust in Dr. Minetola.
Hillie C.
Great results. No pain. Professional
Kenneth W.
The care was very good. I thought the staff was friendly and caring to their patients.
Courtney F.
my experience with the dentists, dental assistants, etc was wonderful. once I was in the room everything was friendly helpful and handled gently as I […]
everything was excellent and Geri (sp?) was especially thouough and helpful.
David L.
As always everyone was kind and efficient.
Elain A.
My appointment was scheduled for 8:50, but the dentist didn't come in until 9:20. At first I was upset, then I realized how thorough he was and that […]
Dawn S.
Everyone here is very friendly and they explain all the procedures carefully.
Kathleen M.
Gentle as Dental work can be.
Abraham S.
It was great, as always.
Dorothy L.
Awesome experience couldn't have asked for a better one Heather and Dr. Minetola are very professional and made me feel comfortable from the second I […]
Brandon K.
Knowledgeable and friendly
Raymond W.
I was very satisfied.
Joan B.
A+ service you guys rock.....
Annette R.
excellent and very professional!
David L.
Very thorough process and all all staff is friendly and professional!!
Catherine P.
Nice customer service and easy to leave smiling
Jeff P.
My teeth are beautifully clean! Another great visit to Gentle Dental!
Christina P.
The office staff is always nice. They stay very close to appointment times without making you feel rushed.
Katelyn M.
My dental hygienist was awesome, Donielle was very sweet and personable.
Timothy B.
Very friendly and efficient staff.
Michael S.
The new person I had was very friendly and made sure I was ok during the procedure. The service I was there for was performed correctly & timely.
Janet K.
I felt like I was truly taken care of
Carol B.
Excellent service. I love gentle dental.
Franklin D.
The service was excellent and the dentists are great. I wouldn't go anywhere else!
Amanda F.
I am very pleased with the services that were provided to me!
Sharon W.
short wait times .Drs. very through.
Daniel C.
Finally a dentist that will do whats best for YOU! Dr. Minetola explained everything he was doing and made sure i was comfortable. The billing was […]
Peter C.
I was completely satisfied with the dental procedure I had done on 9/4/2014.
Lena F.
Great place and people
Angela H.
The staff and the doctor was friendly and courteous . I will def make this my dentist And will bring my son in also . I told my boyfriend about it […]
Luz F.
Everyone was friendly and knowledgable.
I never like going to the dentist until coming to Gentle Dental.. As I open the door Treat greeting from the ladies in the front windows.. Smiles […]
Jema G.
Great people doing great things! Also Dr. Minetola is the man and will never go to another dentist while he is still practicing! He explains things […]
Brandon K.
everything was fine; Gerri did an excellent cleaning!
David L.
If you are looking for a dentist, no need to look anymore! This is an incredible practice and I recommend everyone coming to Gentle Dental. Dr. […]
Katie J.
Very satisfied with overall experience ! Tooth looks great , would never know anything was done to it :)
Carol R.
Everything was completed as was quoted.
Frederick S.
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