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Tooth Crowns in Allentown

If you are looking for a designer smile, or you need to strengthen a damaged tooth, ask our dentist about a tooth crown.

What is a Tooth Cap?

Caps are the same as crowns. Our dentist will recommend a crown after root canal therapy, if you have a fractured tooth or if you need an exceptionally large filling. You can also ask for a crown for cosmetic reasons, such repairing a misshapen tooth. Sometimes, patients will ask for a crown to cover a discolored tooth that will not respond to whitening treatments. If you are getting a bridge, a crown makes an excellent anchor.

Do Family Dentists Offer Dental Caps?

You can get a tooth crown in Allentown from one of our dentists. Call our office today to make an appointment for a consultation so we can determine if a crown is the proper way to restore your tooth.

What are Crowns for Teeth Made From?

Several different materials are available. Our dentist will talk to you about the materials that are acceptable for your unique situation. Our prefabricated crowns are either metal or plastic, but you will only have the temporary crown in for a short time.

Ceramic Crowns

Ideal as a front tooth crown, ceramic crowns with a porcelain base resemble natural teeth, but they become brittle with heavy wear, so dentists do not generally use a ceramic crown for restoring molars.

Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain-fused-onto-metal crown are stronger than ceramic and seal well to prevent further decay. Porcelain, an aesthetically pleasing option, will last for years without losing its luster.

Gold Crowns

A gold crown tooth fabricated from the sturdiest of materials will not chip or break. Our dentist may propose a gold crown for one of your molars if you tend to grind your teeth. In general, gold crowns are suggested for back teeth, where the gold is hardly visible to others.

How Much Will I Pay for a Crown?

Several variables affect what you will pay. The dental crown cost is dependent on the crown material and if the dentist needs to do any additional work to prepare your tooth. Contact us to find out more about the cost of a crown.

How Many Visits Will It Take to Get a Crown?

Unless you need a root canal, expect the dental crown procedure to take two visits to our office. Getting a crown is a matter of the dentist preparing your tooth for a crown and placing a temporary, prefabricated crown on the filed-down tooth to protect it while the dental lab makes your custom crown.

Our office will contact you when your customized crown is ready and you will come in so the dentist can remove the temporary crown and fit you with your permanent crown.

How Do I Treat My Crown?

Take care of your crown just like your natural teeth, with twice-daily brushing, once-a-day flossing, and regular professional cleanings. Your crown could last up to 40 years when you properly care for all of your teeth.

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Doctor was very thorough, precise, friendly, personable and empathetic about my reason for visit. I was in immense pain at the time. He was able to see me for an emergency. Thank you!
Hana S.
As always everyone is so professional. Thank you! See you all in December 2017.
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Before last week I had only ever gone to the same dentist since I was born. However, since they were only a pediatric dentist I had to stop seeing them once I turned 19 and had to find a new dentist […]
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Competent, friendly and timely service.
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Mark Minetola and Michele Ferguson are two of the best dentists in this area by far ! I absolutely love my hygienist, she always does an amazing job. Judy Lees is an awesomely amazing assistant and […]
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Staff was friendly, efficient.
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This dental practice has been amazing. They are professional, compassionate, and knowledgeable. I had not been to the dentist in quite some time, and was nervous about being reprimanded…nope […]
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Friendly and thorough staff
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prompt professional service
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I thought everyone was kind and straight forward which I greatly appreciate. First dentist I ever met who actually took the time to look at x rays with me and explain everything. Also the first one […]
Valentine C.
Great service and reasonable pricing. Super nice people.
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Excellent practice, top notch dentists, hygienists and staff.
Kenneth L.
Dr. Minnetola is not only thorough he, and his staff, are friendly and welcoming. They put you at ease.
Terry F.
Feel that Dr. Ferguson and Dr. Minetola are very courteous and very competent.
Nancy K.
Geri is a great hygienist!
Amy K.
Friendly, knowledgeable and willing to listen to the patient.
Sharon S.
Dr. Minatoli (if I am spelling correctly) is absolutely amazing. I had extreme dental pain from two cracked teeth and an abscess. Typically, an appointment is made for a later date after assessing […]
Kira W.
Profesional. Supportive. Great experience to visit your office
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Dr M is wonderful: kind, friendly, calming. My appointments are always on time and o leave feeling great.
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Very professional
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